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Live on production May 13, 2017.

For information on Snaps updated in this release, see Spring 2017 (4.9) Snap Updates.

Before You Begin

You may need to clear your browser cache before you log into the latest SnapLogic Elastic Integration Platform.

See the appropriate documentation for your browser:

You may see an Upgrade Notice dialog informing you that you will be logged out immediately to complete the update process. Because the SnapLogic Elastic Integration Platform consists of multiple applications, you will likely see this message multiple times.

Accounts and Platform Updates

Some accounts may have a fixed time for refresh tokens, such as Google accounts that must be refreshed every hour. If that refresh needs to occur when the platform is down for an update, the refresh does not occur. To prevent these accounts from failing after a new platform deployment, it is recommended that you refresh your accounts before the designated down time.


It is recommended that you upgrade to the latest version of your browser.



  • Integration Assistant: The SnapLogic Integration Assistant helps make pipeline building faster and easier by "suggesting" the most likely next Snaps in the pipeline

  • Parameterizable Accountsaccount reference can now be an expression. In that expression you can pass a pipeline parameter that must evaluate to the name of a valid account. Provide a full path or the account name will be searched for in the current project, then project space shared, then org shared. This works similarly to using Pipeline Execute.

  • Display Snap name in error output. The Snap label will be available in the snap_details of the document flowing through to the error view.
  • User API:ui_access option added to creating and updating users to indicate whether or not the user has access to the user interface.
  • Project Migration API added to help in migrating projects between orgs.
  • File uploads no longer allow uploading executable file types. This includes:
    • HTML may contain cookie-stealing JavaScript and web bugs
      'html', 'htm', 'jsb', 'mhtml', 'mht', 'xhtml', 'xht',
    • PHP scripts may execute arbitrary code on the server
      'php', 'phtml', 'php3', 'php4', 'php5', 'phps',
    • Other types that may be interpreted by some servers
      'shtml', 'jhtml', 'pl',  'cgi', dmg
    • May contain harmful executables for Windows victims
      'exe', 'scr', 'dll', 'msi', 'vbs', 'bat', 'com', 'pif', 'cmd', 'vxd', 'cpl'
  • Updated Documentation site.

    With this platform change, links from Snaps delivered before 4.9 will no longer link directly to their help topic. They will take you to the doc site, but you will need to search for your topi.


  • Pipeline Execution Statistics page was updated with additional network statistics and an Extra Details tab to provide additional information about the pipeline run.
  • Pipeline Snapshot shows what the pipeline looked like at execution time.


  • Alerts now lists when the Daily API Usage and Concurrent API Usage exceed 75% of the limit.
  • Allow/disallow UI access to accounts.
  • Snap Packs can now be uploaded to projects. The lower level Snap takes precedence over the Shared level, but an account will use the version at it's same level.
  • Asset Search enhanced with Snap Statistics.


  • You can now restart a Snaplex from within the Dashboard
  • Pipeline Execution Runtime Logs for Spark

Big Data

  • SnapReduce is no longer supported.
  • The existing Spark support is deprecated in this release in favor of a schema-based Spark. The existing Spark functionality has been marked Deprecated in the application while the new implementation is referred to as Spark.
  • Configuring Spark in Pipeline Settings:  You can now specify parameters to pass to the Spark application in the Edit Pipeline dialog (Pipeline Properties). 

Known Issues & Limitations

  • There is one known issue with project exports where accounts are included. The fix has been identified and we are now looking to validate the fix. 
UAT Delta

This section tracks the changes made during the iterative pushes to the UAT server and between the last push to UAT and the GA release. The expected schedule is:

  • UAT Push #1, April 22, 2017
  • UAT Push #2, April 29, 2017
  • UAT Push #3, May 6, 2017
  • GA Push, May 13, 2017

UAT Update 4/29

  • Relaxed restriction on file extension upload to allow .py and .js to enable Snap Script to upload scripts.
  • Performance improvement for Execution statistics dialog when the number of Snaps is large.
  • Improvement to Execution statistics dialog new network statistics.
  • Added ability to open past executions for pipelines that were deleted from the Dashboard.
  • Fixed issue with download button on Snap Statistics. A script error was removed.
  • Integration Assistant should not show recommendation on pipeline with read only permission.
  • Removed script error when clicking MySQL RedShift Loader under Pattern tab in Designer.
  • Fixed issue with opening Execution statistics dialog from Dashboard.
  • Added missing error message on SSO authentication failure.
  • Fixed script error when Designer was loading and someone clicked the mouse or pressed a key.
  • Box OAuth was fixed as it was broken on UAT.

UAT Update 5/6

  • In Dashboard, fixed time filter for pipeline history.

  • Account validation in Designer is done on the user selected Snaplex.

  • Fixed missing SnapLogic favicon from browser tab.
  • Fixed minor typo in Designer.
  • Fixed a migration issue with the Mongo Find Snap.

  • Fixed Integration Assistant Snap suggestions showing older transform Snap.

  • Fixed an issue with Lifecycle management project promotion

  • Fixed issue with password expiration error handling

  • Fixed issues with eval in expressions

  • Fixed error during Jar file download from Snaps

  • Fixed failure to reencrypt during key rotation

  • Fixed user authentication issues in LCM orgs

  • Fixed user lockout issue for SSO users

UAT to GA Delta

  • Added missing error detail message when SSO login failed.
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