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Most functionality in the Manager is restricted to admin users only.

You can access the Manager either by clicking on the Manager link while in SnapLogic Designer or by going directly to the URL:
With the Manager, you can manage: 

You can also email feedback to SnapLogic and view which Snap Packs and subscription Features you have.

The menu on the left provides links to manage Projects and the assets they contain (Pipelines, Files, Accounts and Tasks). What items are available in this menu depend upon your permissions.


Click on the link to show a list of objects. On the list page, you can create a new object and view the details of an object. In a detail page you can update/delete the object.

General Controls

In the upper right hand corner, you can:

  • Email SnapLogic.
  • Access the documentation.
  • Logout of the Manager.
  • Click on your user name to view and update your user details.
  • If you are user with multiple organizations, an organization drop-down is visible to let you switch between organizations. If you have the Lifecycle Management feature, this drop-down lets you select between your configured phases.


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