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Hive provides a SQL-like interface to data stored in the Hadoop distributions, which includes Cloudera, Hortonworks, and others. 

Snaps in this Snap Pack let you:

  • execute arbitrary SQL.

Supported Versions

This Snap Pack was tested against the following configurations:

  • Hive Version: Hive 1.1.0
  • Hive with Kerberos works only on Hive JDBC4 driver 2.5.12 and above 
  • Hive with Kerberos is tested on Hadooplex and Groundplex
  • Cloudera CDH Version: CDH 5.7.3, 5.8

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Snap Pack History

4.8.0 Patch hive2752

  • Potential fix for JDBC deadlock issue.

4.7.0 Patch hive2469

  • Addressed an issue with ClouderaHiveJDBCDriver(500168) Unable to connect to server: GSS initiate failed, Fixed by changing the connection pooling to Hikari and added privileged user to all getConnect() request.

4.7.0 Patch hive2199

  • Fixed an issue for database Select Snaps regarding Limit rows not supporting an empty string from a pipeline parameter.


  • The editor box for the SQL statement property in certain database Snaps can now be resized to make it easier to read the contents. This setting is in the Execute Snaps for Cassandra, Hive, JDBC, Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, SAP HANA, Vertica, and Teradata.

4.6.0 Patch hive1958

  • Resolved a performance issue with Hive Execute and JDBC Execute Snaps when running Hive Queries.


  • Snap Pack introduced in 4.6.0. This includes only a Hive Execute Snap that executes DML and DDL statements with Kerberos enabled. It does not include Snaps for load, select, insert, delete, execute or others at this time. Tested only on Cloudera CDH 5.3 & 5.5, Hortonworks HDP 2.3.4.
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